Yayan has a strong domestic and overseas R&D team of high-tech talents mastering advanced R&D core technologies. Ms. Linlin Ye, the chairman of the board, a Ph.D. in biochemical engineering, was graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the period of stuying abroad, she started the cosmetics research. She has established a long-term cooperative relationship with the Boston Cosmetics Research Institute and has received strong support in R&D technology. 

GUARANTEE: Strong Research Ability

BASIS: Strong Hardware Strength

The company has a 100,000-class dust-free purified manufacturing shop and a 10,000-class examination room, which conform to the GMP standard. We have also imported a full set of  advanced production and inspection equipment from Korea and Europe to ensure the products quality is ahead of industry standards.

BACKUP FORCE: Oustanding Pakaging Design Team

We have a professional packaging design team which has a good reputation in the industry, both in copywriting and packaging design. 

Pure Plant-origin Skin-care Concept, Keep Up to Date

We recommend the concept of pure plant-origin skin-care, provide you with pure plant-origin, low additive content, safe, gentle, and non-irritating formulas. Our products meet the skin-care demands of consumers and have broad audiences.  

Screening High-quality Plant-origin Skin-care Raw Materials All over the World

With the help of professional raw material suppliers, we select high-quality plant-origin skin care ingredients all over the world to create sophisticated skin care products. 

Small order? Don't matter, we never refuse or despise.

Wanna personality? We provide unique.

Wanna novelty? We provide fashion.

Wanna beauty? We provide exquisiteness.

Wanna satety? We provide gentleness.

We have fashionable skin-care concepts, we have personalized brand customization...

We have all you want. Yayan spare no efforts to serve customers and make friends all over the world.

Featured Sevice--“TINY & EXQUISITE”

Provide You with Your Own Unique Brand 

1. Never reject any customer, strive to create your own brand regardless of the size of the order.

2. Help you analyze the market, identify your own brand positioning, and precisely target your customer.

3. Provide pure plant-origin skin-care formulas, make your brand keep up with the trend of skin-care.

4. Creat a unique brand design to make your customers fall in love at first sight.

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